Research Laboratories

We conduct our multi-faceted research using various approaches. To accomplish our broad-based research goals, we recruit top notch biochemists, cell biologists, immunologists, virologists, developmental biologists, bioengineers, and physician/scientists from around the world. Read about our laboratories and their research.

Corneal Cell Biology Laboratory (CCBL)

James Funderburgh, PhD - Prinicipal Investigator

The Corneal Cell Biology Laboratory (CCBL) is dedicated to understanding the biological causes for corneal blindness and to developing cell-based therapies for restoration of corneal transparency.

Ophthalmic Biomaterials Laboratory

Morgan Fedorchak, Ph.D. - Principal Investigator

The Ophthalmic Biomaterials Laboratory focuses on drug delivery to the eye and the development of novel biomaterials for ophthalmic applications. 

Ocular Immunology Laboratory (OIL)

Robert L. Hendricks, PhD - Principal Investigator

The Ocular Immunology Laboratory focuses on immunity to viral infections of the eye.

Visual Neuroscience Laboratory

Matthew Smith, PhD - Principal Investigator

The Visual Neuroscience Laboratory is working to understand the mysteries of vision by unlocking the secrets of the brain. They are currently analyzing the activity of several brain regions involved in coordinating how our eyes move and our brains interpret salient information in the world around us. 

Ocular Biomechanics Laboratory

Ian Sigal, PhD - Principal Investigator

In the Ocular Biomechanics Laboratory we study the eye as a biomechanical structure. More specifically, we aim to understand the inter-relationship between healthy vision and ocular biomechanics, to identify the causes for ocular disease and find avenues for restoring lost vision.

Stem Cell Biology and Glaucoma Laboratory

Dr. Yiqin Du, PhD - Principal Investigator

Can stem cells eliminate a cause for glaucoma? The Stem Cell Biology and Glaucoma Laboratory is looking for an answer!

Infectious Eye Diseases: Zoster Laboratory

Paul (Kip) Kinchington, PhD - Principal Investigator

The Infectious Eye Diseases: Zoster Laboratory focuses on how the dormant Varicella zoster virus (VZV) can cause Herpes Zoster (or "shingles"), and how we can better treat the many consequences

Ocular Development, Disease and Regeneration Laboratory

Jeff Gross, Ph.D - Principal Investigator

The Ocular Development, Disease and Regeneration Laboratory focuses on development and regeneration of the retina, lens and RPE, and developing animal models of human eye diseases.

Retinal Repair and Epigenetics Laboratory

Ethan Rossi, Ph.D. - Principal Investigator

The Ocular Imaging Laboratory focuses on developed innovative imaging technologies to view the normal and diseased retina.

Ocular Surface Development Laboratory

Shivalingappa Swamynathan, PhD - Principal Investigator

The projects in The Ocular Surface Development Laboratory are expected to provide new opportunities for diagnosis, prevention and therapy of severe ocular surface disorders such as dry eye and ocular cicatricial pemphigoid.

Outflow Tract Engineering Laboratory

Nils Loewen, MD, PhD - Principal Investigator

The Outflow Tract Engineering Laboratory aims to develop novel treatments for glaucoma by enhancing natural routes of ocular outflow and developing new ones.

Retinal Development Laboratory

Xiangyun Wei, PhD - Principal Investigator

The Retinal Development Laboratory aims to unravel scientific mysteries of how our eyes, specifically our retinas are formed during our development.  Understanding this process can potentially lead to treatments for blinding diseases.

Optic Nerve Regeneration Laboratory

Michael Steketee, PhD - Principal Investigator

The Optic Nerve Regeneration Laboratory