Louis J. Fox Center for Vision Restoration: Conference Agenda

June 25, 2015 - 7:30am to June 26, 2015 - 4:30pm


Agenda: June 25, 2015

7:30 AM  Registration, Poster Session and Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM  Welcome and Introductions
Joel S. Schuman, MD, James Funderburgh, PhD,   Igor Nasonkin, PhD

Military Medicine

Moderator: Vijay Gorantla, MD, PhD

8:40 AM  Jeffrey Cleland, Col, MS

9:05 AM  Glenn Cockerham, MD
Afferent Visual Dysfunction In Veterans With Blast-Induced Neurotrauma

9:30 AM  Robert Mazzoli, MD, FACS
Urban Blast Eye Injuries:  Lessons Learned from Boston, West Texas and the Military

Combat Ocular Trauma - Military Gaps, Programmatic Needs and Funding Priorities Discussion of the CDMRP VRP

9:55 AM  Robert Read
Defense Related Vision Research Opportunities

10:20 AM  Teresa Brininger

10:45 AM  BREAK 

Translational Medicine/Clinical Trials

11:00 AM  Mike Steketee, PhD
Regenerative Medicine Approaches to Retina and Optic Nerve Repair

11:25 AM  Robert Guldberg, PhD
The Perils and Promise of Regenerative Medicine

11:50 AM  Morgan Fedorchak, PhD
Noninvasive, Drop-Wise Administration of Controlled Release Ocular Therapeutics


1:15 PM  Keynote Speaker, Sheila Nirenberg, PhD
Using Neural Codes to Develop New Kinds of Prosthetic Devices

Stem Cells

2:15 PM  Yiqin Du, MD, PhD 
Autologous and Allogeneic stem Cell Therapy for Glaucoma

2:35 PM  James Funderburgh,
Stem Cells:  The All Purpose Tool Box for Corneal Regeneration

3:15 PM  Mary Kelley, PhD
Restoration of Trabecular Meshwork Functions with iPSC and MSC in a Human Cell Loss Model of Glaucoma

3:35 PM    Kapil Bharti, PhD
Primary Cilium helps Generate Mature and Polarized iPS Cell Derived RPE Tissue for Autologous Cell Therapy

4:00 PM  Rocky Tuan, PhD
Adult Stem Cells and Biomimetic Matrices for Tissue Engineering and Modeling: Repair, Restore, and Re-create

4:25 PM  Adjournment

Agenda: June 26, 2015

7:30 AM  Registration, Poster Session and Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM  Welcome and Introductions, Joel S. Schuman, MD, James Funderburgh, PhD,   Igor Nasonkin, PhD

Session A   Whole Eye Transplant

8:45 AM  Vijay S. Gorantla, MD, PhD

9:10 AM  Jeff Goldberg, MD, PhD
Moving Cell Therapy towards Clinical Application

9:35 AM  Kia Washington, MD
Progress Toward Whole Eye Transplantation

10:00 AM  BREAK

10:15 AM  Kevin Chan, PhD
In vivo Imaging of Eye and Brain Connectivity for Whole Eye Transplantation

10:40 AM  Larry Benowitz, PhD
Zinc is The Primary Suppressor Of Optic Nerve Regeneration

Session B – Ocular Development


11:05 AM  Nils Loewen, MD, PhD
New Strategies to Restore Outflow

11:30 AM  Jeffrey  Gross, PhD
Modeling Ocular Development, Disease and Regeneration Using Zebrafish

11:55 AM  Tatjana Jakobs, MD
Optic Nerve Head Astrocytes in Glaucoma


Session C– Ocular Engineering


1:30 PM  Jeff Ruberti, PhD
How are Corneas Made?  The Case for Guided-Molecular Crowding and Mechanical Allostery in Soft-Tissue Generation

1:35 PM  Ian Sigal, PhD
Pinching, Twisting And Stretching in The Optic Nerve Head

2:00 PM  Adam Feinberg, PhD
Engineering Basement Membrane Scaffolds for Repair of the Corneal Endothelium

2:25 PM  Claude Burgoyne, MD
Optic Nerve Head Connective Tissue Deformation, Remodeling and Failure in Glaucoma – Implications for Insult and Regeneration

3:50 PM  Alfredo Dubra, PhD
Structural and Functional Imaging of The Photoreceptor Mosaic

4:10 PM  Joel S. Schuman, MD, FACS
Closing Remarks

4:30 PM Adjournment